The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱)

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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is a young adult fiction which is a legendary novel which can be called the most successful novel in history.

“Tsundere heroin”, “central character feeds by constitution who is always at heroines ‘ beck and call”, “cool girl with glasses”, “baby face girl with big breasts” and “a boy smooth out everything with brisk smile”, these five people established Haruhi Suzumiya team for giving a tremendous boost to the world, “SOS team” for short. This is a story that Haruhi Suzumiya pushes around SOS team members and tried to find something interest which haven’t seen before such as alien, telpathetic person and future mankind “for the public”.
In reality, “heroin who can realize what she thought at the unconscious level”, “central character who is a common people (but he is the only person who can stop Haruhi)”, “robot made by alien for communication with human”, “a person came from future” and “telpathetic person (but the area where he can use a supernatural power is limited)” were collected by Haruhi under unconscious level and they are pushed around by Haruhi for her wish “making boring usual life more interesting!”!

Since characters have supernatural powers, no matter how they try, it disturbs the serenity of their daily life. Kyon, Nagato Yuki, Koizumi Itsuki and Asahina Mikuru cooperate to crack paranormal phenomenon caused by Haruhi under unconscious level. Even though this is a school anime, unbelievable paranormal phenomena arises every episode. Therefore, it is not too much to call this anime SF! This anime was produced by Kyoto Animation. “Endless eight”, an episode of second season, was in the news that its scenario construction previously unseen! It brought on active debates over its pros and cons and by this episode, Kyoto Animation got a lot of visibility that tried to be faithful to the original! Anyway, you will feel the persistence to anime structure. Please start with original novel. Then, I recommend you to watch anime! Please don’t miss this if you like Tusndere heroin!

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