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Death Note is a mystery comic unprecedented in Shonen Jump history! It is a story that two geniuses cheat and are cheated each other over “Death Note” on which one’s name is written, the person dies.

One day, central character Yagami Light picked up “Death Note” which death god Ryuk dropped. Light, who has genius mind, writes names of criminals police cannot punish and felony criminals on the note. He promised Ryuk that he would make “a world without criminals” and punishes criminals by using Death Note. After a while, his activity was supported by victims and the bereaved and became called “Kira”. At the same time, police notices criminals are punished one after another and goes into high gear to arrest”Kira”in cooperation with”L”who is called to be the best detective ever lived. “L”denied what”Kira”does by saying “what you are doing is wrong!” over the air, declared war against”Kira”and promised he would definitely arrest”Kira”! Which of”Kira”and”L” punishes the other first?
The attraction of this comic is a game of wits!! Among recent comics, this comic contains the most amazing detective description. I remember I thought this comic is “difficult”.

Two central characters, confront each other, are genius!! They always get around the enemy, read the other’s mind and call a bluff. “L”always displays detective work going to the heart of the problem. Light makes a compelling counterargument even though it is a lie! Our hearts pound since we can know both thinking of Light and “L”!!

This is highly-praised even abroad! For live-action film, Red Hot Chili Peppers readily agree to collaborate since they liked the original comic translated into English even though they have never composed tie-up song for movie!

Don’t you think fierce “cheating each other” of two geniuses exists only in novel? Detective battle as great as novel and movie is here1

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