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“Touhou project” is a series including shoot’em up game made and sold by doujin circle “Team Shanghai Alice”. I guess there are many people who recognize Touhou project as shoot’em up game but The Touhou Project became a media franchise spanning a steadily increasing number of breakout games, in addition to commercial fan books, music, light novels, and manga.
“Team Shanghai Alice” released games for PC-98 under the name of “ZUNsoft”. It became explosively popular when they released a game for Microsoft Windows. The un-come-at-able games for PC-98 are out a premium!!

There are many appeals of this game than you can count such as high quality, originality and cuteness of characters but the biggest appeal is music. Each BGM is high quality and turned out to be comfortable good music. I heard the creator ZUN got the idea to use the music he composed as BGM of a game when he looked at the issue how more people listen to his music. It means, music is main and game is sub (?!). Not only the BGM itself is great, but high and low point of the music is calculated to match the development and timing of the game. Or I better say ZUN made a game to match high and low point of the music. Please try playing once. You will fall into raptures over chemical reaction of BGM and game development. My recommendation is “Mountain of Faith”. Its challenge level and game play are accessible for beginners.

It is difficult to choose the most favorite among many attractive characters, but I say Patchouli Knowledge. She likes reading so much. She is a great lover of books. She huddles in a library to protect books from burning. There is another argument that why she doesn’t get out from the library without books but brittle hair is one of the reasons why she huddles in a library. It is very attractive to give oneself over to what one likes! Her scornful eyes when she appears almost saying “You get crosswise of reading”are so cute. I can’t resist intelligent atmosphere derived from the name Knowledge and huddling in a library...
What is more, she has an aspect of being not out in the world since she is always reading a book. When I see the aspect, I feel I want to keep her safe! She mainly appears in “The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil”. As well as “Mountain of Faith”, I recommend this since its challenge level and game play are accessible for beginners.

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