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”Hetalia” is a slow anime which personificated countries (●´艸`) “Hetalia” was started as a web comic on the website “Kitayume” of the author Himaruya Hidekazu. It was adapted as manga at Gentosha in 2008 and serialized in mothy Comic Birz from 2011. First to fourth seasons were broadcast from 2009 to 2001 and fifth season was broadcast and as internet delivery from 2013 (≧∇≦)squee♪
The title of first and second season is “Hetalia: Axis Powers”, third and fourth is “Hetalia: World Series” and fifth is “Hetalia: The Beautiful World”. The story is based on episodes during the First and the Second World War, the heart if the world history. All events all over the world from ethnic joke to current affairs are depicted as a comedy (´ω`*)

Characters are personification of countries based on nationality and history. There are various characters (ノ≧∀≦)ノ Among them, I like Japan and United Kingdom the most (*´ω`*) They are called “island nation alliance” on the internet because both countries are island nation (〃・ω・〃) I like United Kingdom very much. He has mysterious eyebrow and sleeps with a teddy bear (*≧∀≦*) United Kingdom is often depicted with the Allies members such as America, France , China and Russia. I like United Kingdom with them but I like United Kingdom with America is the most! It is so cute that United Kingdom is always at his younger brother America’s beck and call (*≧∀≦*) I like Japan’s otaku nature you can glimpse once in a while (●´艸`) It is cute Japan is originally blonde but he is always at others’ neck and call and feeds before knowing it (●´艸`)

It’s about time to talk about Hetalia’s appeal (●´ω`●) I said the story is based on First and Second World War. That is the appeal of Hetalia (*σ・ω・)σ I’m bad at social studies. Especially, I’m bad at world history. There are too many to remember. Once I have obtained a mark of 10 out of 50 points.,φ(゚д゚*) eh?.. snap... After I talked about this to a friend, she lent me Hetalia about which I’m talking (*。・ω・)っ_(・・〃)thanks♪ At the time, I wondered “why she lent me this?”. There are many words which I have never studied... . I like comics but I got fed up with Hetalia and left it on a desk toss!! o(〃・・)ノ ゜ 。... My mother said “if you prepare your lesson, you won’t obtain such a mark”. So I opened a textbook of world history to the page next to the page I learnt at a previous lesson. Then there is a familiar word. In a moment, I opened Hetalia which I threw away a little while ago, there is a word ”Tripartite Pact between Japan, Germany and Italy”Σ(・ω・*ノ)ノ !! There is the same word in the textbookΣヽ(゚Д゚*)ノ !! I didn’t earn full score at the next exam but I obtained better markヽ(*⌒∇⌒)ノ thanks to Italia, Germany and so onヽ(*´∇`)ノ There is nothing more interesting and easier to remember textbook of world history. The story is based on history, characters are attractive and gorgeous voice actors dubbed♪ If you stumble over world history [wall]*。-ω-)fixedly..., why don’t you read Hetalia to extend a reach (*´Д`)??

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