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There was a seismic event in 1997!! It might be a little exaggeration since I saw it only at Nihonbashi, Osaka, I recall vividly Brand-new-Heart, an opening theme from To Heart PC, and demo movie dominated whole town with nostalgia.

This game played a big part in Japanese mature-rated game world in the sense that To Heart prompted adult visual novel game (so called picture-story show). Game manufacturer Leaf had released two visual novel game until then. Both of them are filled with fantasy. But To Heart is orthodox dating simulation game to enjoy love romance with cute girls. After a while, To Heart is loved by many people by media mix: it was made into anime, ported to PlayStation for all ages and so on.

The most popular heroine of To Heart is a maid robot Multi. Even she is lily beautiful girl, fat in the head and admirable, she is a robot. This seting attracted many juveniles and let them go over uncanny valley. In addition to her, various settings that we can say template of present adult game are used such as mysterious witch girl and friend from childhood. And all of them are very well organized.
The sequel To Heart 2 is never the same with 1 as well as the illustration of Mitsumi Misato. If you played only 2, why don’t you play 1 too?

I can say To Heart is both the origin and top of the adult visual novel game. Why don’t you play it again to confirm this valuation is not nostalgia of good old days of old man in his 30s.

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