Kin'iro no Corda (金色のコルダ)

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/ Hino Kahoko / Tsukimori Ren / Kohinata Kanade / Tsuchiura Ryotarou / Tougane Chiaki /

I recommend this game “La Corda d'Oro” for you thinking “I get bored of royal road Otome game that everyday, ordinary central character is pampered by everyone” or “Boys fall in love too quickly. I know it can’t be helped since it is an Otome game...”!!

A high school which has comprehensive course and music course is the setting of this game. The central character is attending comprehensive course. One day, she finds musical fairy Lily. That leads her to attend music competition at the school. Of course there is an element of love romance but the theme is music as well. Therefore, you can play through the game for additional challenge. It is so fun like crazy to let the central character practice and get her better who is bad at music but having a talent for music that I almost forget to walkthrough. No wonder elements other than romance are highly acclaimed (*^_^*) In this game, “rival degree” is very important to walkthrough which we don’t see in other Otome game lol Different from ordinary Otome game, only when the central character faces music and be accepted as rival from male characters, they are connected emotionally. This natural emotional flow is close to actual love romance. Of course you they fall in love at first sight but you may fall in love at the moment when they think “I can look up to her” (*^_^*)

The coolness of a man who is engaged in something is in the front of this game! There is a line of Tsukimori-san (you will love him absolutely if you like prince-type boy) “There is a sound only emanating from this finger”. I can’t contain myself when this line came out from his mouth who earnestly faces music with all his heart!! (*´∀`)タマラン!!!

This game has been popular since it is released. OVA is also released and live events are held several times a year. The game is released up to 3. Why don’t you play it?

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