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Tales of Phantasia” is an RPG released in 1995. It will soon become 20 years since it has been released but new games are released constantly even now. “Tales” series have wide variety of fans. At this moment, there are 14 main games called “mother ship title”. The release of 15th game “Tales of Zestiria” was announced. Many derivational gamed were released as well.
“Phantasia” was released for Super Famicom at first. It has an aspect of anime. For example, it has opening song and voice actors dubbed. It continues in current series. There are many voice actors who wanted to appear in the series. Watanabe Akeno, who is the voice actress of Mao in “Reverse”, is the best-versed in Tales series among voice actors world. She bought “Reverse” on the date of release and completed the game the fastest among other voice actors.

Since interpretation of the world and characters are independent with respect to each game, you can enjoy the game staring from whichever. For sequels such as “Destiny 2”, “Xillia 2” and “Dawn of the New World”, you can enjoy more if you play 1 first. If you wonder which to start, why don’t you start from the original “Phantasia”? It was juiced up by remaking.
Some of them have been visualized. An episode of “Eternia”, which has not been depicted in the game, was made into TV anime, “Phantasia” and “Symphonia” was made into original video animations, “Abyss” was made into anime based on a scenario of the game, prequel of “Vesperia” was made into theater anime. There will be more in the future, I hope. Even other series which have not been visualized, each game has opening movie and anime movie at pivotal points. So you can see moving characters somewhere.

I think I played all the series. The most shocking character was the protagonist of “Abyss” Luke. As at he is a son of ducal house and selfish, I thought he was different from former protagonists. He caused an incident and destroyed a town. He said “I didn’t do anything wrong!” when he drew criticism from his buddies. I was angry at the stage of thinking throwing my controller when I hear his word. However, his existence has a secret constituting the bedrock of the game. As the secret unlocked, he re-examines himself and his character changes drastically from the first to the end. An idea and setting of original and replica is brilliant. Stuffs were spilt on which to be an original. It is worth starting on a journey to seek meaning of Luke’s birth!
Speaking of a maverick protagonist, I think it is applied to Yuri in “Vesperia” too. Yuri was enshrined in the popularity poll Hall and Fame. He is the first 20-something protagonist. Until then, the protagonists were teenagers. His attitude is matured because of his age or experience. I was thinking he doesn’t seem the type in a party usually. But he has a dark side. It cannot be judged by a court, he will judge by himself. I froze in front of a screen wondering if it is ok a protagonist is doing this. By the way, both Luke and Yuri are left-handed. Are there many cross-grained characters (in good meaning) in left-handed individual?
But my recent favorite is Jude in “Xilla 2”!. Not “Xilla” but the sequel! Originally, I bought Play Station 3 bundled version for “Xillia” and played it. There were many episodes which I wanted to drill down more. So when I heard the sequel would be released, I was both happy and nervous how it would be. But once I played it, the story of “Xillia 2” was very profound. The story develops depending on player’s choice. There were many choices which I didn’t want to choose. Especially, I didn’t want to let go of Milla...I cried in the ending except of settling up debts and a hero. Destiny of the protagonist Ludger. Jude, became strong inside after the former game, watched over Ludger’s choice...Only because of playing “Xillia”, I’m happy to see Jude became reliable. Since foreshadowing of “Xillia” are revealed in 2, I’d like you to enjoy Xillia in set. “Tales” series will continue in the future too. I’m looking forward to Zesteria which will be released in commemoration of 20 years of the series.

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