Megurine Luka

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Megurine Luka is the woman who speaks English in good pronunciation and has attractive body.

She is especially good at singing in English in VOCALOIDs.

Her age is set to be 20. So she has much more grown-up looks than Miku, Rin and Len.

You might think she has mysterious, unapproachable atmosphere, but in coterie magazines, she has been drawn as the woman with impish, pretty smile!

And like ”Hachune Miku”(はちゅねミク), there is the original character called, among fans, “Tako Luka”(たこルカ) that has octopus-like shape. It(?) is very popular in coterie magazines.

In Doujinshi, we can often see she spends her time happily with Miku and she appears with the same elder sister and brother characters Kaito and Meiko. But in fact, recently in a man and woman situation, she appears with Gakupo more frequently in books.

In my mind, she has many matured love songs in her Doujin music works. I love "magnet", "RIP=RELEASE" and "Just Be Friends" among my favorite songs!! ... Personally I love "LukaLuka★Night Fever"(ルカルカ★ナイトフィーバー) and "ARPK" as well. These songs are cute!

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