Takane Shijou

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Takane Shijo is a princess of silver.

She was not a member since very first but she joined the production from the middle.She gives her appeal with her mysterious atmosphere, and with her way of conversation implies if she is a princess of some country.

Although she is very beautiful lady, she is kind of goofy and big eating character.Probably, her fans are attracted very much by the gap of her face in the other side. I also like her cute appearance very much especially when she makes joke with serious face (it often true but not joke).!

Her attractive appearance does not deteriorate even in animation! When I see her eating ramen or sushi greedily, I am really ……!!She is a talented singer as same as Chihaya, and her song is very much popular.

I think that many fans recognize those three characters, Azuma Miura, Chihaya Kisaragi and her, as all talented singers. As the matter of fact, I also think she is good talented singer.!

The song titled “Yasashi Ryoute” sang by her is a theme song of some game. It’s great if she sings! I would like to let you listen to.

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