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I’m afraid I speak a personal story, “K-On!” is the anime on which I got hooked very much after so long.
The world of this story is free of mysterious power or end of the world. Female high school students being on light music club deink tea, eat cakes and practice sometimes and chat... . When the story is transcribed, you may become anxious if it is ok, but this anime depicts invaluable daily life slowly. K-On! was originally a four-frame cartoon. When it was made into anime in2009 by Kyoto Animation, became a big hit. It was a happy period for fans since some projects were going on such as heavy-hitting title tunes, related CDs and DVD, concert events held by voice actresses, the second season, theatrical anime and so on.

Sakuragaoka private girls high school forms the setting of “K-On!”. Yui Hirasawa, Mio Akiyama, Tsumugi Kotobuki and Ritsu Tainaka signed up to join a failing light music club. They formed their own band and acted to the extent that they can such as drinking tea in a club room and school festival concert. Even after new student Azusa Nakano signed up to join the club, their stance didn’t change. They find reason of tea party even earnest Azusa solicited for practice... . It is a really slow story.
Anime depicts until their graduation but the original depicts their college episode and Azusa’s high school episode who only remained at the high school. It’s too bad there is no announcement these storied will made into anime... .

Even I said they just drinking tea at a club room, there are concert scenes at pivotal points. Music performance scene made by Kyoto Animation is must-see! Personally, I like school festival concert of episode 20 second season. Not just performance but also the scene they undam their thoughts is one of the best scene in “K-On!”.
Instruments are also depicted in detail. It gave rise to the phenomenon that their using instruments, headphones and stationaries became a big seller. What is more, at a concert event, voice actresses played an instrument. Hikasa Yoko, who is the voice actress of Mio, practiced base by left hand since Mio is a left-handed basist. She played well on a real stage. Other voice actresses gave excellent performance after a lot of practice taking time out from their busy schedule.

I like Azu-nyan (Azusa Nakano) the most! She is a junior, a dependable person, a little tsundere and having twintale... . There is no element to dislike her! She has a background in guitar. So she sometimes teaches her senior Yui. I like the song “Fudepen Ballpen” they sang at a local festival as a group name “Yui Azu”. It’s been a trying time for me because of empathy when Azusa expressed her feelings at long last even I knew she will be alone after their graduation. I would really like to watch third season in which I guess Azusa club president will play an active role.
I think “K-On!” is an accessible anime. So if you have any interested in this anime, please watch the first season first. You may feel like to drink tea in the wake of their warm atmosphere.

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