THE IDOLM@STER (アイドルマスター)

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"The Idol M@ster" was originally an arcade game published by Namco (Bandai Namco Games) on July 26, 2005 and it has been popular media franchised since!! Basically, the story follows the carrier of a producer of a pop idol agency. However, my favorite one, is the anime version that started in July 2011, which focused each character. The game focuses on your favorite character and the anime shows you each character's attractiveness. So I think it's better that you first watch the anime to make sure which character is the best for you and then try the game. (´v`)

Now, the most remarkable point of this game is, of course, the girls of great individuality. (* `・ω・´) There are over ten girls who the main character will be the producer of and the number of the girls is still increasing in some of the series. (;^_^) Surprisingly, each girl has their own attractiveness!! The anime version that I mentioned shows only the characters from the early series of the game, but there were so many cute girls that it was tough to choose one. Although the anime series had only two seasons, it skillfully depicted each character, didn’t it?

Of the attractive girls, my favorite was a shy girl named Yukiho Hagiwara. (´v`)=3 She often gets faint of heart and doesn't take positive action, but she shows us her development a little through the story. Even though nothing about her dramatically changes, the fans are deeply attached to her while her development is being showed through the bonds of the main character and her friends. In addition, she has some attractive features; she is very timid and tends to take an unusual actions, she is extraordinarily afraid of dogs etc. (* `・ω・´) To be honest, I don't want her to overcome her shyness. If you have a desire to protect someone, she would be a great girl who you will be charmed by unconsciously!!

As you saw, "The Idol M@ster" is easy to start and can be enjoyed by everyone. You may find your favorite character, so you should pick up it if you are interested in their adolescent stories!! In addition, the recent game is the social network game "The Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls", the recent anime is the movie "Kagayaki no mukogawae!" and "Cinderella Girls" will be animated soon. They will probably expand this series more, so it's the time to try this series!!

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