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Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novel produced in England, and it is so famous that everyone knows about it in Japan too. The original novels achieved record breaking sale, and the movie, which was media mix developed, was repeatedly broadcasted on television(´v`)=3 By the way, according to the news, it actually set a new record in both England and the United States(;^_^)

Story is about a boy named Harry Potter, who got a symbolic scar on his forehead that gave him a “destiny”. It begins with Harry Potter entering a pedigree magical school and started to learn the magic. He and his friends spend the springtime of their lives learning magic. However, he started to learn the details of his scar and the meaning of his ‘destiny’, and that bring him to face with his great enemy. The interesting point of this work is the setting that is magnificent and minute, as well as its story development that is delicately yet boldly written. Especially, the magical battles that rise from his ‘destiny’ and relationships are written very dramatically, and I can guarantee that it just naturally drags you into the story(´v`)=3

If I am to pick up the most recommended character from this exciting and emotional drama, I must say… Harry Potter, of course(* `・ω・´) He suffered a lot of difficulties and experienced a very hard time since he was little. However, as a key person of this story, he overcome every difficult situations by learning his strengths and with supports and care from his friends and people around him. You cannot refuse but to be impressed to watch him facing up to all the troubles(´v`)=3 There are some scenes that you really feel so sorry for him, but strangely you just cannot stop believing in him and continue to support him. Harry and the story would never betray you, because if you support him until the very last moment, it always makes you feel relieved(´v`)=3

Harry Potter is such a brilliant and popular masterpiece. The original novels and movies are all completed, so maybe it is a best chance to enjoy all stories at once! I think it would provide you a meaningful spare time(^_^)d

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