The Seven Deadly Sins (7つの大罪)

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“The Seven Deadly Sins” is classified as the typical fantasy, which the princess Elizabeth in “Kingdom of Liones” goes on a trip to find the sinners called 〈The Seven Deadly Sins〉whose leader is Meliodas, so that she can save her country which is governed by holy knights with tremendous magical power. Fantasy-lovers will definitely love this story whose medieval European stage is so old that “un-human creatures”, such as ogres or elves exist! :*:・。,☆゚’・:*:・。,ヽ(・∀・)人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚’☆,。・:*:

What is〈The Seven Deadly Sins〉, which is also the title of this story? It originally means desires or feelings, which lead humans to commit sins.... There are such attractive characters who have two names for each character, which come from 〈The Seven Deadly Sins〉in the anime! Meliodas, whom the heroine, Elizabeth will first meet, looks small and is just like a boy, but he is actually a leader of 〈The Seven Deadly Sins〉and he shows his overwhelming strength against the knights who are twice or three times bigger than him! Σ(・□・ ) Besides Meliodas, we can see more individual characters such as a girl from the giant tribe or an invulnerable boy, whose true colors are revealed gradually. My favorite character is Diane-chan who appears from #3. She is a cute, slender girl with her twin-tail hair and 29 feet height! (○´3`)ノ She is so lovely in her personality too! Here is a little story about her. Even though she loves Meliodas who has saved her before, knowing that she was a giant tribe, she was so jealous of Meliodas and Elizabeth being together that she punched him repeatedly. Yes, she jumps the gun a little bit. (Of course Meliodas dodged all the punches from her though...) Especially, since she looks so cute, being flushed with jealousy... Even though she didn’t like Elizabeth at the beginning, her mind will change gradually, finding out her kindness and strength.

After Meliodas and Diane appear, more members of 〈The Seven Deadly Sins〉appear in the story. It’s The Holy Knights who can use the powerful magic, that engage the members. Can Elizabeth save her kingdom? We can’t miss〈The Seven Deadly Sins〉now! (*σ^∇^)σ Refine by Characters

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