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Amnesia is a visual novel so called otome game. A fan disc in Japan, “Amnesia Later”, was released in 2012. Another sequel titled “Amnesia Crowd” was released in 2013. And “Amnesia for GREE” was released for smartphone. In Japan, this game is rated over 15 years of age.

When the protagonist woke up on the morning of 1st August, she had a loss of memory. A boy says he is a boyfriend of her. She tries to remind her memory but she can’t and she is killed. Then she found it is 1st August again. But the world is a bit different from the world she knew before she is killed. In this world, another man is her boyfriend. She is killed in the every world and goes to other world again and again. Why she is killed and returns back to 1st August again and again? Can she get her memories back? This is the mystery of this story.

One of the appeals of this game and anime is fashion of characters. Their fashion is Visual Kei. The protagonist does part time job at so called maid and butler café. The name of the café is “Meiido no Hitsuji (a sheep in the land of dead)”. Swallowtail, which is a famous butler café on Otome road in Akihabara serves as a model for “Meido no Hitsuji”.
What is interesting, the voice actor of Rika and Neil is the same. Rika is the president of the fan club of Ikki. And Neil is... I can’t tell to avoid spoiler.

Appearance is Ikki. He is too beautiful. I like his barrette a lot. The scene that he teaches to the protagonist how to make parfait made my heart beat rapidly. But personality I like the most is Shin. I like the scene they do sparkling firework and the scene they talk on a park. Shin tells the protagonist how he feels again with sincerity. It stroke right at the heart of me. I like the way Shin says “Baka (fool)” to the protagonist. Younger boyfriend is cute, isn’t it?
Toma won the first place at a popularity ranking at the official website. I like the protagonist in Touma rout. She is devoted to Touma and believes Touma will help her. I thought earnest love is great. I guess who likes myth, fantasy or mystery tends to like him since it is not realistic. Your heart may beat rapidly since it doesn’t happen in the real. Especially, if you are a sensation seeker, you’ll like Touma.

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