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Beginning of “Tsukihime” is shocking. The central character kills heroine in the beginning. The writer of this romantic game is Nasu Kinoko and the illustrator is Takeuchi Takashi. This combination is famous for “Fate/Stay Night” and “Kara no Kyōkai”. This game was originally released as Doujin game. It became popular thanks to tight plot and attractive characters. Then, many related-products were released such as fan disc, derivative game (fighting game “MELTY BLOOD”, anime (List of Tsukihime, Lunar Legend episodes), comics and so on. It got a wide followings.

Taking opportunity afforded by success of Tukihime, they established a game company “TYPE-MOON”. Remake of Tukihime is scheduled as 10 year anniversary project.
Doujin version is very expensive with a premium. Therefore, it is good news for fans who wanted to play it! I can wait years!! I’m used to wait!!

The story has fantasy aspect since vampire and magic appear. But it also has a grotesque aspect such as bizarre murder. The protagonist Tohno Shiki suffered a life-threatening injury when he was young. Shiki was rejected by his father (Siki was almost cut off from the father) and lived with relatives. The story begins when Siki backs to Tohno’s house because of his father’s death. Because of the experience when he was young, he was able to see "death lines", lines by which things will eventually break when they die. He accidentally met a vampire Arcueid and murdered her brutally by tear her limb from limb. But since she is a vampire, she came back to life and appeared in front of him. She said to him “I’ll let you take responsibility of killing me”.

In addition to Aecueid, there are attractive heroines around Shiki. If you enjoy smiley daily life with them, I recommend OVA “Carnival Phantasm” (there is a fan disc “Kagetsu Thouya” too but I think it is difficult to get. I felt fantastic to see lively heroines who set aside seriousness.
My heroine recommendation is Neco-Arc Chaos (dubbed by Jōji Nakata). It’s just kidding. I recommend Shiki’s younger sister Tohno Akiha. When her brother who she loves came home, an easygoing vampire attaches herself to him. She has almost no breasts. One of the twin maids of Tohno family, Kohaku is up to something with smile. Akiha’s life is full of cares. Since she is strong-minded, she snaps his head off. But when she acts love-struck, it is hugely destructive. Well, she is not of the same blood with Shiki. So, there is no problem she loves him!
I think this will gains popularity again when the remake is released. Let’s review comics while we can and enjoy together the coming day!

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