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Started in 2006, Saki is a monthly manga running in Young GanGan by Ritz Kobayashi, adapted into anime by GONZO, followed by Studio Gokumi. It’s the story of Saki Miyanaga, a young girl gifted in playing the game of mahjong. Hindered by her family, she discovers a new love for the game in high school, joining alongside her newfound friend, Nodoka Haramura. The mahjong club of Kiyosumi High. The other girls they must face in upcoming tournaments. A hot blooded rendition of the classic game begins!

The fan service in Saki is known to be top notch, featuring a huge range of girls, each with their own special skill in the game. Bringing a flavor only otaku culture can bring, Saki excels what was originally just a tile game with well exagerated visualizations and 3DCG. It has become a more colorful game than ever! Intense moe mahjong!

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