Tokimeki Restaurant (ときめきレストラン)

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“Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆” is an otome-kei smart phone App which has been released in 2013. It is popular and called “Toki Res”. This is a new series of “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side” which is an otome game and has been popular for more than 10years. In these days, CDs and character goods have been released. (*^-^*)

In this game, players run a restaurant as a manager. For example, complete quests and get new recipes, and decorate the restaurant with furniture, then make restaurant bigger. You will be surprised like “Is this really a free App!?” because “Toki Res” is so much fun and you get involved in it and forget about the time very easily. You will feel fulfillment of speedrun game and that feeling is similar to raising a parameter from the past Girl’s Side series. (´▽`*)

There are six male idols in “Toki Res”. Members of fine and flesh style idol group “3 Majesty” are Shinnosuke Otowa, Tsukasa Kirishima, and Kaito Tsuji. Then, members of wild and sexy style idol group “X.I.P.” are Kento Fuwa, Kyoya Date, and Toru Kanzaki. They all belong to an entertainment company located next to the restaurant. They come down to your restaurant when they are hungry. Then you’ll prepare tasty meals and dessert for them doing hard work as an idol. They are absolutely delighted for your foods. (●´艸`)

And my favorite character is Kyoya from X.I.P.!! He has blond hair so looks like a flashy but he supports and cares about Fuwa and Toru who go on their ways. The gap between his outside and inside makes me so twinge. (/▽/)

Oh, and about “Toki Resu”, do you know that a cast who play character’s voice is into this App? This became a kind of news. Once, Satoshi Hino as Fuwa uploaded a screen shot of playing screen of “Toki Res” on his blog. There was a rare item (Kento’s poster) which you can’t get until you get high in top rankings so fans were so surprised. Even its cast becomes crazy about this App! (*´>д<) So, why don’t you meet up gorgeous idols and let your heart skip!!? ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

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