Matsuoka Rin

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Rin has been Haruka's rival since long ago and even now.

When he was little, he was in the same swimming club with Haruka and the rest. But in order to swim faster, he went to further studies in Australia.

When Haruka became a high school sophomore, they were reunited again. This is where the story of Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club) begins.

Since long ago, he has been strongly attached to swimming, and not like Haruka, he is particular in winning.

He has good social skills, gets along with anyone quickly, and has a beautiful smile.

However in episode 1 when they all reunited, there was no sign of his brightness anywhere.

He is so persistent about becoming a winner and he gives cold shoulder to Makoto and Nagisa whom he used to play with in his childhood.

Nobody knows for sure why Rin who used to be cheerful and nice has changed,. But we will find out a little hint at the episode 2.

He will fight with Haruka and his other swimming club mates once again.

I think his charm is such his strong desire to become a winner with his manly "can-do-it spirit"!

...however, at ED, his cold attitude changes suddenly and he shows us his sweet and cute smiles.. He is cute. He is so manly but cute. Rin is such a unique person.

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