Ryugazaki Rei

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Ryugazaki Rei is a swimmer who swims by putting a theory into practice. He is a peer of Hazuki Nagisa and Matsuoka Go and a junior of Nanase Haruka and Tachibana Makoto. He is especially ernest among Iwatobi High School swimming club. However, his ernestness makes him look at things only theoretically.

When the story began, he was placed on a track club, being in search for "calculatable beautiful sports". Even he was formful, however, he was not able to make a better record.
While he was in frustration, he met Nagisa and tentatively joined the swimming club. Members of the club are very "free" and shine brilliantly in the eyes of Rei. After he joined the club, his cool impression was drastically changed and he puts a confident and happy look on his face.

His charm bursts into bloom in episode 4. He gives a portrait of gag, serious, effort and friendship all by himself. I am sure it is episode 4 that those who watch this anime vaguely will realize "this anime is awesome!”.

He is not used to swim compared to other members who are good at swimming. However, I don't worry about it because he can break out of his shell. I believe he will be a dependable person who keeps trying to work at what he is not good at and change it. By the way, what he said to Nagisa is a hot topic in Japan; "You recruited me. You should take responsibility." ^q^  Oh My ...

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