Senyu (戦勇。)

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“Avant-garde story despite common setting, that is ‘Senyu’”

“Senyu” is gag strip drewn by Haruhara Robinson. I guess many people know this comic since this is very popular. Senyu came out as Nikoniko picture, then was serialized in Jump Square and finally made into anime.
You may think this is common fantasy from the story that the brave Alba (candidate no.45), central character of Senyu, and royal palace warrior Ros start on journey to put down author of evil. However, the story is not serious but gag. Of course, there is main plot but the highlight is dialogue among characters. You will be hooked on the expression which makes you laugh despite yourself and surreal picture which sometimes appears. I giggled short stories inserted in spots.
Actually, when I started reading this, I didn’t expect so much. However, watched the whole thing in short since it made me stared the picture toward which I have friendly feeling, the story tempo is good so I was able to read it without stress and characteristic gags which I mentioned above. Since the story is light in good meaning, this comic has appeal which makes me think to read it again.
For whom liked “Senyu”, I recommend “Hero Hearts” which was serialized in Ura-Sunday drawn by the same author. The central character of “Hero Hearts” is carefree man who is very different from Alba. It’s good story tempo, which is typical of this author, attracted me.

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