Gag Manga Biyori (ギャグマンガ日和)

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"Gyagu Manga Biyori (Ideal weather for gag and manga)" is one of my favorite works. It's a set of funny short stories, so it's easy to start reading. The unique title of each story is written by auther, Masuda though, sometimes his mother or manager did it before. He uses famous people in history as main characters though, I think they have totally different personality from what you actually know about them. Especially Basho Matsuo and Syoutokutaishi are so different. All characters have unique personality like some one is so obsequious or the other has weird sexual fantasy. It's a plot device of this work. I love the sense where that kind of setting is changed to belly laugh!

There is TV animation version that is exactly what is original work, and I hope you see it once. It might be finished while you are surprised at opening and volume of information of this work. Please see it repeatedly. It is recommendable for short time as it is animation of 5 minutes. However, if you see it while moving, it is very hard to contain laughing, and please be careful about it.

My favorite characters are Usami chan, Beri, Ramen-ko, Fish Takenaka and master who appeared in "World of Hirata". The characters appear one after another, which makes the scene confusing, but I love pair of Shotoku Taishi and Onono Imoko. I want to see stable performance of pair(in other words, running at crazy speed by Taishi) forever. Oh, I am waiting for new series of animation.

My most favorite episode is" Sord Master Yamato(wrong series and last series)". I cannot forget shock when I first saw it. I know even punchline, but I laugh at it every time I see it. It is a work I want to see repeatedly regularly even now.

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