Tobiichi Origami

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Tobiichi Origami is a super genius girl. She is always the top in her class, and she has fantastic grades in P.E. She is even called the "One in a Million Genius". Naturally, she is the number one celebrity in school.

By the way, she has never dropped out from top 3 girls who I want to date as a girl friend. Moreover, she is with short hair!! Let me repeat it, because it's so important. She is with short hair!! I love a girl with short hair!!!!!
This beautiful girl has another face. She is a member of AST, a team for the spirits and a part of Ground Self-Defense Force. And, she hate all the spirits because her parents were killed by spirits.
Thus, she sometimes make an assault upon spirits blindly.

It seems that she has an affinity with Shidou although it's very unclear. Thus, she is so active, when she has something to do for him.

When he visited her house for the first time, she welcomed him with a costume of a maid on, let him drink an energy drink and appear in front of him covering her body with just a towel.

She is an electric "carnivorous" girl.

She absolutely is my type, although it's so hard to understand her.

I love her proactive attitude and short hair...

Ranka-chan and Erio are already in my list of future wives, but I might need to add her. I have to move to a country which legalize polygamy.

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