Yatogami Tohka

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She is a spirit. She is Tsundere (is normally cold but at some prompt suddenly becomes lovestruck), pero pero. At first I tried to let girl's game players named "elites of the world". But finally, her name became Tohka, because Shidou, a protagonist, met her on 10th of April. She goes out with Shidou feeling fondness for him, because he didn't reject her. In the end of the date, Shidou tries to save her from a shot by Origami and dies, resulting in her outrage.

However, Shidou gets restored to life, seals her spirit power and takes her into <Ratatosk> for protection. Then she comes into Shidou's class.

As above-described, the purpose of this story is to seal spirits by dating.

Besides, the way to seal is a kiss. So jealous... And, the situation is so fascinating!
Those spirits lack of knowledge and don't know what is a kiss. Thus, Shidou tells them how to put lips together instead of using a word "kiss". Then, next moment, Tohka kisses him.
Personally I love such a situation. I like a proactive girl a lot!!

.... My idiosyncrasy is coming out to the world little by little(‘A`)

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