Houshin Engi (封神演義)

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The original work of Hoshin Engi is one of the big three Chinese horror novels.
The original had a lot of cruel, direct, and bold content described, but the comic and anime had many comical scenes with handsome and beautiful characters, so it was easy to enjoy even if you don’t like cruel content♪
No matter what you say, the characters with striking personalities are really attractive! The main character Taikobo looks like a guy in his twenties, but in fact, he is over seventy. This gap is interesting. (´ω`)b

After watching all the episodes of the anime, you may want to try the original one.
Some of the settings and names of characters have been changed for the anime, so you can discover new information from the original even if you know the story from the anime and comics.
The original one expands the Hoshin Engi world!
It’s a long story, so you might hesitate to start it at first. However, you will be eventually hooked while reading it.
The anime version makes the original twice as interesting. Let’s discover many new things from it. (^▽^*)♪

As I said, including the main character Taikobo, the characters are handsome and beautiful!
The male characters, Taikobo, Youzen, Nataku, Kotenka, TaiitsuShinjin and Seikyo Dotoku Shinkun are popular among female readers.
Bunchuu and Kohiko are also cool as middle-aged men with a sober elegance about them!
Among the female characters, of course, the Dakki Sisters are great!
Although they are detestable villains, I can’t hate them because of their sexy, attractive appearance.

Since Hoshin Engi is a grand story, it’s impossible to describe it easily.
It has many kinds of circumstances, backgrounds, and all characters connect each other deeply.
When the story finishes, you finally figure out the connection between everything and feel satisfied with it.
You will be hooked on Hoshin Engi without even noticing it. You should enjoy its world. (*・▽・)♪

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