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Here is a fan of “Cardcaptor Sakura” who is excited whether there will be a new activity in 2014 since release of sealing stick and Nendoroid of Sakura were announced. Do young of today know “Cardcaptor Sakura” in the first place? If you don’t know, I would like you to read original comic without prior information. I envy you every much you can read it with fresh mind.

The original is girls comics serialized by CLAMP. I bought and read “Nakayoshi” every month in which CCS was serialized. I thought they changed touch and use of color from the former comic “Magic Knight Rayearth”. A protagonist Sakura Kinomoto is a girl in the third grade of an elementary school and good at sports. One day, she found a mysterious book in her father’s book room. The guardian Beast of the Seal Cerberus (Cero-chan) emerges from the book. There are cards known as “Clow Cards” which are made by a magician Clow Reed. If the seal of the cards are broken, it brings “harm”. Cero-chan asked Sakura to correct cards. She exerts herself to correct cords with her best friend Tomoyo and Syaoran who is related to Clow.

The story is typical girls comics and characters are cute. I became popular soon. Especially, costume Sakura wears when she corrects cards is very cute and it is made by Tomoyo’s hand. Sakura doesn’t transform but thanks to the costume, she is no mean magical girl. Tomoyo-chan shined up like a penny when she takes her film recorder to tape Sakura-chan in action. I rollerbraded since I wanted to be like Sakura-chan... . But I gave up rollerbarde soon. (It seemed kind of very cool Sakura-chan went to an elementary school by rollerbrade)

Anime was broadcast by satellite. So I couldn’t watch it and was chagrined. After that, when land broadcast of CCS was announced, I danced for joy. I see the scene Sakura practices magic over and over again... . I dreamed someday Cero-chan would appear in front of me.
Story of anime is basically based on the original and includes original episodes and characters. Nanase Ohkawa of CLAMP set out most of script. So I didn’t feel gap between anime and the original.
And moving and speaking Sakura-chan was cuter than I imagined... . I was content to just listen “Hanyan” by Sakura Tange. I grin to myself just remembering it. This is just an aside, after a while since CCS has concluded the series, when princess Sakura appeared in “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle”, which is also written by CLAMP, I was excited to the point of hyperventilation.

The episode I like the most is episode 57 of anime. I couldn’t stop grinning to myself just listening image song of Syaoran, but when Sakura and Syaoran were locked way in an elevator, he called Sakura by her name first time in a pinch. The most powerful combination has a strong impact I still remember. I can’t stop smiling with pleasure just remembering it.
Personally, I want it to repeat again in the morning of Sundays and I would like to elementary school girls to watch this anime! Of course, I would like older friends to be fan of this anime newly!
Sine both comics and anime are made in careful manner, I can feel creators’ love. There is no dark element. So I think it is accessible. When I felt myself weakening, I was helped by the line of Sakura-chan “It will work out. I know you will do well.” It is worth watching great anime which built a generation.

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