Juuni Kokki (The Twelve Kingdoms,十二国記)

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As it name suggests, The Twelve Kingdoms is the story about twelve kingdoms in other world. The atmosphere and culture are ancient Chinese style. This is a fantasy novel in which hsien and demon appear (*^_^*)
It is easy to read since each story ends in single story. Each of the stories is centering on king chosen by each kingdom’s kirin and kirin. The appeal of this novel is well-produces interpretation of the world, heavy story, feelings of characters and depiction of people living in the kingdom. The beautiful illustration by Yamada Akihiro is also popular (*´ω`*) You cannot miss music by Ryo Kunihiko for animation!

Actually, I am a contemptible person who gave up the begging of "Tsuki no Kage, Kage no Umi" (Shadow of the Moon, Sea of Shadow) (;´д`) Until then, I liked to read medieval Europe style fantasy. I was discouraged by a lot of difficult Chinese characters. But my friend who is a big fan of this novel strongly encouraged me to read it. So I tried it again o(;-_-メ;)o I read through this time and I was brought under the spell of this novel. It turned out just my friend wished (。・ω・。) jobbed

I tell you my recommendation of how to read. I started from "Tsuki no Kage, Kage no Umi" and then I read a side story The Demonic Child (Mashō no Ko). But I think it is more fun if you start from The Demonic Child. Then read through main story and read the side story again. I think this is the way you can most enjoy♪ Of course it is your choice (´・ω・`) If you read The Demonic Child first, big ? comes into your head but it is enjoyable as horror novel and read it again after main story, you can fully understand. How does it sound? |ω・) If you gave up, you can start reading main story. So please try.

After you gave yourself up to the world of The Twelve Kingdoms, let’s chat about such as which kingdom’s fan you are and which character you like! The friend above is an avid fan of Tai kingdom and loves Taiki especially. My favorite character is Rokuta. I’m a sucker for a little monkey (〃∇〃) I like Youko too. She is too handsome. Pony-tailed Calamity Jane is terrific... .

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