One-Punch Man (ワンパンマン)

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The first impression of this comic is “cool and interesting”!!ヽ(*´∀`)ノ I gave myself up to the character who doesn’t look strong at all and his strength and loose personality. It is illustrated by the author of Eyeshield21. American comic-like drawing and Japanese gag are well mixed. You can enjoy this comic very much. The protagonist Saitama, who does a hero as a hobby, is too strong and too funny. It is brisk that he beats every enemy other heroes are tough to beat by one punch! His matter-of-fact expression after beating enemies is also nice ^_^ Of course, this comic is in the homage of Anpanman, anime series for young children, who beats enemies by an-punch.

The highlight of the comic is dry humor and abnormal strength of Saitama and the story filled with mysterious appeals. I feel there is a funny interpretation of the world common for gag comics that he gained the abnormal strength just by muscle training. This comic has a strong appeal to the people who likes Batman, Spiderman and SPAWN since the illustration is super good and good points of American comics are included in the comic!

The design of enemy character Speed Of Sound Sonic is cool. I think he is very cool. Since the story is solidly-made, it is easy to read at sight. It is also good to read on the web and by smart phone but I think it is good to get comics line up then you can read them through at one time without getting your eyes strain (^_-)-☆ There are mini anime and movies made by fans on Nico Nico Douga. I recommend you to watch them too. I say in conclusion (^_-)-☆ If you are looking for funny comics, it is One-Punch Man!(´∀`)

Refine by Characters
/ Saitama / Genos / Onsoku no Sonic / King (One-Punch Man) /

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