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Inazuma Eleven GO is a game for Nintendo 3DS sold in 2011.
The TV anime was broadcasted from 2011 to 2014.

It takes place 10 years after the Japanese national soccer team “Inazuma Japan”, led by the main character Endou Mamoru won at FFI (Football Frontier International).
In Japan, soccer becomes super popular, and Raimon Junior High, which creates a lot of main members of “Inazuma Eleven”, builds a status as a famous school of soccer.

The main character Matsukaze Tenma is a boy who loves soccer. He admires Inazuma Eleven and decides to enter Raimon Junior High.
Of course, he joins the soccer club! To join the club, he is heading to the ground confidently and watches a boy is crazily beating other club members in soccer.

His name is Tsurugi Kyousuke.
He is an elite and seeded player sent from “Fifth Sector”, managing and governing soccer all around Japan.

Actually, all the soccer matches including the results and the scores are managed by “Fifth Sector”.
In the other words, the results are already decided and free soccer is repressed.

We want to play soccer freely!
Equal rights to win in soccer must be given to all!

With the mind in the heart, Tenma stands up together with new Eleven members from Raimon Junior High!

This is the youth story with passionate boys into soccer! Inazuma Eleven Go’s attractiveness is the passionate story and characters!

In the beginning of the story, as the strict reality is revealed that the soccer industry is corrupted, Tenma and other members are beaten by many appearing strong enemies in matches.

I was so impressed at their ways of keep trying hard with the positive mind that “it will be alright” in any difficulties.

Also, Shindo Takuto, who always cries although he is the captain, a soccer hater Tsurugi and other unique characters are coming up.

Especially, I love Tsurugi-kun.
At first, I did not have a good feeling much with him because he is the enemy of Tenma and his members and his appearance is like a gang. However, since I know his real mind in episode 11 of the anime, his image got totally changed.

He is such a kind and thinking of his older brother, normally very cool and quiet, yet says something straight if required! I love him.

Please watch the anime and play the game♪

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