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It’s been a while since we start hearing “Naki-gee” (games make people cry because of stories) but I think the origin of the word is this “Kanon”. This is an adult game developed by game developer “Key”, but the scenario with “cry” and “touched” elements grabbed many users’ heart. Kanon has re-released for all ages later, and it receives widespread support. Then it has made several transitions to other media such as light novel, manga, and TV anime (twice). This is the greatest game ever.

The setting of this story is a snow-deep town called “Snow Town”. Protagonist is Yuichi Aizawa who stays at aunt’s house due to family matter. Yuichi has visited this town often until 7years ago, but he can’t remember the days. He meets 5girls and deepens exchanges with them, then gets his precious youth memories back gradually. There are stories for each heroine and Yuichi faces their individual problems and tries to find ways to be happy. He is pictured that he puts his all efforts into it.

The reason why “Kanon” is said “Naki-gee” is that all characters, not only Yuichi and heroines but every character including sub characters, are in desperate situations, however they don’t give up to be happy and face the situations so hard. I guess that makes players touched. “Miracles” involved with this story and it is not expediency “miracle”, I felt this is kind of reward for them. Telling the details of what kind of “miracle” occurs is nonsense, so I don’t tell now. However, many people like this story and it is a proof of the “miracle” is not thin. And success of “Kanon” leads “AIR” and “CLANNAD” popular.

Main heroine of this story is Ayu Tsukimiya, who refers to herself with the masculine pronoun boku, likes taiyaki, and wears a back pack with wings. I, however, push Nayuki Minase. She is Yuichi’s cousin, has long blue hair, and appears on packages many times. Of course Ayu is cute and she plays an important role in center of the story, (I love the scene and line “Forget me”), but I think, to be with Nayuki brings a feeling more safety. As I said, Nayuki is Yuichi’s cousin, and her character, way of speaking, and everything she does is very slow. She is not good at morning due to low blood pressure, so she needs to run when she goes to school every morning, but she is a captain of track club so she runs fast. Some people feel like “miracle” isn’t shown in front and her “miracle” is on an extension of daily life in her story. However, Nayuki is the icon of “happy daily life”, so that’s why people feel like that. Plus, Nayuki is a daughter where Yuichi stays, so she has some chances to appear in other scenarios (especially Makoto’s scenario.) When Yuichi is struggling, she just stays by his side and supports him. Then she brings a feeling more safety. So, I want Nayuki to be happy! And I want to a Nayuki’s voice recorded alarm clock! (Yuichi does have it.)

If you don’t fit Nayuki’s “too much” behaviors, there are many attractive characters, so you’ll find the one! It may be Makoto who is a puppy-like younger sister character (needless to say, but she is not a puppy actually), Shiori who is physically fragile, Mai who lives in her world, Akiko who is Nayuki’s mom, and so on. However, Akiko’s story doesn’t exist. Why?? What the hell!!

It was like an argumentative instruction a little bit, but I want you to touch this world once before you reject “Miracle? I don’t believe and like such things.” You will think… it’s true that its title as “Naki-gee significant milestone!”

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