[NL:R18] Uchiha Sasuke

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He is the scion of a good blood family Uchiha in Konoha village. He seeks power. For him, Naruto is a stupid person. He did his assignment in the same team with Naruto. One day, he tried to escape from the village attracted by the scariest ninja’s power. I can understand it is the age being attracted by power. Naruto tried to stop him but Naruto was not able to beyond Sasuke’s power and Sasuke became a fugitive ninja.

He is said to appear in front of Naruto at the Ninja War Three. Will he, who is tsundere, be Naruto’s friend or foe? He can utilize art of thunder Chidori and has Syaringan. Don’t miss super strong, hyper cool and good-looking Sasuke!