Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (新機動戦記ガンダムW)

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Heero Yuy / Duo Maxwell / Trowa Barton / Quatre Rabarba Winner

“Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” is one of the famous Gundam series, and 49 episodes have aired since April 7th, 1995. The most important point of this anime is that male characters are nice-looking. In this anime, there are five main characters and it is kind of unique but all the five main characters are beautiful. This setting changes old Gundam image. (´v`)=3 The result of the change, creators didn’t intend at planning stage, it brought many female fan into the Gundam series and broaden the fan base. Although, male also can be attracted to main characters coolness, so enjoy it. (* `・ω・´)
The story of this anime is a little bit different from Gundam’s main story line “Universal Century” but of course it is still at the universe and you can see many heated battles over Gundam. (´v`)=3 Also there are human dramas just Gundam-like and economical basis lies down on the Gundam world. So, these elements show you exciting development and you’ll be involved. (* `・ω・´)

The characters are all excellent and they boost viewers’ mood, but my recommendation is not any of them. However, he is a super important character and his name is Zechs Merquise. (´v`)=3 He has a secret past which involves story deeply, but to hide that, he is wearing a mask always. The past becomes his behavioral principle and infects the story very much. So we feel his principle from a lot Zechs’s behavior and that’s why everything he does is cool and carries a lot of weight. (* `・ω・´) Plus, he’s brilliant, more human, and warm-hearted person. How can’t we like or be fascinated with this perfect man? (´v`)=3 By the way, his name “Zechs” means six in German. That means he is another main character other than five main characters.

“Mobil Suit Gundam Wing” has been released a couple of decades ago, but it is still fresh for today’s discerning anime fans, and they can’t quarrel with the story. (* `・ω・´) There are sequels, so it will take long time to finish all stories, but I promise this is worthwhile anime to do so. I really want you to watch this “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing”!!

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