Future GPX Cyber Formula (新世紀GPXサイバーフォーミュラ)

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The setting is in the future: “Cyber formula “, which is loaded artificial intelligence, was popular. A main character, Hayato Kazami was coincidentally registered as a driver for “Asurada” which his father developed. The story was about Hayato’s experience and growth meeting with many rivals.

There is drama with teammate over the car racing and some love interest in the story. So, both car lover, mechanic, and people who don’t them enjoy without boring.

I was moved when Hayato and “Asurada”, an artificial intelligence, sometimes crashed each other, but finally they cooperated and move forward to the championship. Not only the heart racing races but also other characters fascinated me. I wish the story would developed more depth about them. Those of them were necessary for Hayato to overcome to grow and provided him the opportunities to know the hardship of the world. It was definitely worth to seeing these characters develop.

Among them, Bleed Kagaya, aka Seijiro Kaga, was my favorite character. (His image impressed me so mush, you will recognize him immediately. Seijiro was a cheerful and sociarable character, but when it came to racing, he was so cool. I was greatly attracted to his matured face that he showed occasionally.

Many voice actores played in this story as their breakthrough. I heard a program’s sponser withdrew support, that why the TV series came to the end. The last episode was so fantastic. It has been more than tewnty years since first televised; however, characters’ spirits are still alive. I really recommend this story.

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