Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (機動戦士ガンダム00)

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Gundam00 is the well known Gundam series' twelvth work. Gundam stories all basically revolve around war, but this time, it's about Celestial Beings, an organization using military power to stop the war.
This work's highlight is the human drama. The paradox of trying to end war using military might causes conflict among the Celestial Beings members, soldiers from other countries fighting with Celestial Beings for their dignity and people just wanting peace(;≧o≦)
Also, some who try to understand the situation by taking advantage of people's intentions appear as well... The turns and twists of the plot, mixing intense emotions of many people, have the potential to keep the viewers' attention for long. As for myself, I've been watching it with fists clenched, fluxuating between joy and sorrow(´v`)=3 I remember making those "ah!" and "oh!" sounds within my mind a lot(;^_^)

After the first season, the second one turns into a story of Celestial Beings roots.
Both seasons are deep and fun, but personally, I recommend watching the first season's climax! It ends with Celestial Beings' decisive battle, but the excitement caused by intersecting personalities and beautiful animation makes your body temperature rise. Also, the shocking twist that waits at the end... I couldn't stop myself from crying ゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

The character I recommend most is the protagonist Setsuna. A former boy soldier fighting against the government, he meets Gundam and finds himself drawn to its presence. Later, he considers Gundam as the embodiment of the eradication of war and wants to be like Gundam. As he goes through various experiences, he seems to be changing gradually. Setsuna, who desperately wanted to be Gundam, gradually gains his own feelings and humanity. This change can been felt in his impressionable words. It's exciting to witness his growth as if I were experiencing his own life.
Incidentally, his name that calls attention expresses the hero's personality as he desperately wants to be Gundam as he becomes a long figure.
If you want to see his battle, make sure to check "Gundam OO."(`・o・´)=3

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