Higurashi no naku koro ni (Higurashi When they Cry) (ひぐらしのなく頃に)

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I have a memory I was absolutely terrified of reading on “Higurashi When they Cry” but I tried and read since I wanted to know what will happen in the next episode. It was one of doujin games sold at Comiket and disc one was free for a trial. As a result of wide variety of people to encounter the world and mystery of this game, growing numbers want to know what will happen next. I felt its popularity soared in combination with a provocative blurb “1% answered correctly”. It recorded the sales of 100,000, unusual sales for doujin game. It made into drama CD, comics, anime, live-action film and so on.

The story set in a small village Hinamizawa in the mountains. There was a conflict among residents over construction of dams in the past. And at the date of summer festival which is held in June every year “Cotton Drifting”, strange incident occurred. One died and one disappeared. Villagers are terrified thinking it is a haunting of local god Oyashiro-sama. After 5 years since the incident has happened, Keiichi Maebara moved into the village. He is of a cheerful disposition and hits it off right away at new school. But an incidence happens on the day of “Cotton Drifting” and he and his surroundings evolve into macabre world... .
It consists of four of “question” chapters, at where the incident happens and mystery is presented to readers and four of “answer” chapters, at where the truth comes out and the way to avoid tragedy is presented. Since there are no choices it is rather novel than game. It creates an individualistic aura by thought attack between characters and old style of closed Japanese village. I wonder if that is because the story is set in Showa period.
There are many hyper tension episodes at first. So I though “Tragedy? How?” while I read through the story. But the atmosphere changes radically from the middle. Psychotic incidents occur one after another in the aura of restlessness or dank... . I think what remains after reading question chapter is nasty taste in a good meaning. Exhilaration I felt was awesome when I felt refreshed to see the answer chapters! It seemed long ti wait next game at the time but you can read through at once if you play now. I would like you to be immersed into the world of the story.
Since the original is not dubbed, the tag line “it is a lie!” is not dubbed but I remember clearly I was intimidated when I saw the line even now.

The character I like most is female attendant with long hair Rika-chama. At first, I thought she is just a small character in charge of moe but as the plot develops, her real person will be revealed. Her existence and standpoint is necessary unwrap the secret of the story. I didn’t expect relation to Akasaka which appeared in “Time Killing” would be such a heated development in “”Festival Accompanying... . At the scene Akasaka says “How much is the salary?”, he played an active role without restraint; I thought it was a good thing that I kept reading till then. Relation to Hayu was laso interesting. Rika-chama has something against Hanyu. There is thermal difference compared to her usual character. That is also her appeal.
It is not called shaping an era for nothing. If you are open to horror, it’s worth playing a trial for PC. It might get light when you notice.

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