Haruka Amami

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Haruka Amami is a "principal idol".

She is popular in this work and plays the leading part in anime.

Her trademark is "red ribbon", her charm is "cheerfulness and effort"!Her cheerfulness changes gloomy atmosphere around her, and many characters are encouraged by her words in anime.

She is very honest and cheerful, dedicates herself to become an idol.I was so impressed by her attitude "to put maximum effor of what I can do now"!

It's probably her endless effort and strength of her heart to never give up which led the team successful in the first concert!

She is loved by Japanese fans in various ways, she is called by a nickname "your highness", and a character called "のワの" is created.

I first misunderstood that "is she a mean character...?", but she wasn't!

If she existed in reality, she would have been a really popular idol!Game is good, but I recommend anime first!

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