Hoshii Miki

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Hoshii Miki is a sleeping pricess

Although she is 15 years old but she has a great figure (B86/W55/H83), she can easily absorb dancing once she watch and copy it completely.

She is rather ignorant in real world, but she is obedient and cheerful. She also is inborn idol but little bit different for Ms. Haruka Amami.

However, she is unmotivated at beginning so she does not have a chance to show her talent a long time.In animation, she is always sleeping which made he to loose her big chance for showing her talent.

After she realizes her wrong attitude towards her role, she becomes dealing her role seriously and soon becomes very popular.!

She is very good at singing and dancing and especially the song and titled “heart of Marriot”(マリオネットの心) together with dancing in episode 13 of animation was splendid.I have been repeatedly watching recorded episode 13 about one week.

Her dance and song are so wonderful.

She is extremely talented and appears to be a sweet devil but once she falls in love she goes for it blindly.In animation, she falls in love with the producer and calls him honey.

She is very cute while she is taking her role hopefully being praised by him.If you love a lady act as sweet devil, just take a look at animation and enjoy her role in action.

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