Chihaya Kisaragi

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Chihaya kusaragi is a "aloofness diva."

She is a girl who dreams of being a singer rather than an idol. She is only sixteen but is mature than her age and has a stoick and serious characteristics.

She is also a talented singer so in animation, she goes to U.S. for her recording and got praised by people from all over later on.So she was not a fascinating idol when she was a new to idol because she devoted herself only for singing and had a dark expression on her face.

However, through the encounter with Haruka and many other experiences, she gradually plays role in other tasks excluding singing and became brighter than before.

However, she has a secret.

It is the reason of why she wants to be a singer and the later episodes focus on her secrect.And episode 20 which is her episode is my favorite.

I guess you would shed tears when you watch that epidode even if you are not a huge fan of her!!( I cried after watching it...and there is a special trap in ending so please check it.)

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