Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen) (血界戦線)

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Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen) is originally made as manga and adopted to TV anime in 2015.

It takes place in a town which used to be called New York.

One day, due to a sudden super miracle disaster called “Big collapse”, New York is covered with a mysterious fog. Since then, a different world and the human world cross over.
As the result, the town becomes ‘the most dangerous tense area on the earth’, or “Hellsalem’s Lot”, where paranormal daily lives (daily lives of the different world) and paranormal crimes cross over.

The paranormal daily lives and crimes combined town, “Hellsalem’s Lot” has a secret society acting in secret to keep the world power balance and avoid from getting invaded by the different world.

The society name is “Libra”.
They use their super power grown inside them by contacting with the different world and fight with the residents living in the different world every day.

In the anime, how the members of “Libra” work hard and their daily lives, as well as the abnormal daily lives of “Hellsalem’s Lot” are drawn well.

This anime goes on with the anime’s own story, but the original work’s idea, setting and the interesting parts are reflected well and I really enjoyed it with the very attractive anime’s original characters who appear!

Unfortunately, the anime has only 12 episodes in total and each of the “Libra” members is not focused on. So, if you are interested in each member’s episode, I recommend you to read the manga instead!

Especially, I want you to know the main character Leonard Watch’s episode because I love him!

He is super kind and honorable and is just a ‘normal’ boy in a good meaning.
He just joins Libra and is not trustable in battling, to be honest.
However, I felt he is very nice as he is honorable and straight, and doesn’t forget his appreciating mind while living in the town of ‘abnormal daily lives’ and feel like supporting him.

Of course, there is an attractive point only in anime, not in the original manga!
I think that is the speeding action scenes.
As there is a typical action scene that a technique is operated after the technique name is screamed out in battling, those typical scenes enhance the speed of the actions, and it is very fun!

Also, not only the action scenes but also the comedy factors are in this, and you will find it has a very deep story. Please watch the manga and the anime★

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