Kagerou Project (カゲロウプロジェクト)

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Kagerou Project is the story about boys and girls who have magical "eyes". Originally, this is a VOCALOID music composed by JIN 8enemy of nature P). There are many fans of this music because they have plot and filled with shadowy attraction.

Kagerou Days is the song which I encountered Kagerou Project first time. This is a legendary song which played 1000,000 times within 3 days after posted and million times within 4 months.
When I watched this video first time, I was not able to understand why this video played million times. But suddenly, when I listened to the chorus, I went blank. From there, I stared the story develops to the music. It was shocking. It was the most shocking story among all VOCALOID music I have ever heard. From then, I used to watch the video once a day. I experienced the reason why this music played million times.

Fans like me continue to increase and Kagerou Project develops into several media such as novel and comic. What is more, it will be made into anime even though it is originally music! This is the series which attract much attention among VOCALOID!

If you have never listened it, try Kagerou Days first, if possible, on a hot summer day.

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