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In Toaru Serirs, there are Toaru Majutsu no Index and its spin-off Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

These were originally published as light novels, but as they became popular, they were animated and made into games. For animation, INDEX had 2 seasons, Railgun had 1 season broadcasted. In 2013, second season of Railgun and its movie are expected. In INDEX, there will be a change in the main character.

In “INDEX” it’s Touma Kamijo, and in “Railgun” is Mikoto Misaka.

Also, in “Railgun”, Accelerator has this characteristic which is like of another main character. The relationship with the LastOrder will make you cry. I love the story between the two of them. You might gradually think that they are real family as in parent and daughter, or brother and sister.

Well, more than anything, LastOrder’s cuteness is overwhelming. Accelerator going through his self-conscience stage of puberty is great too.

In “INDEX”, the contents focuses pretty much on the side of the sorcery, while in “RAILGUN” the content’s focus is mainly on the side of science.

I like them both, but since in “RAILGUN” there are a lot of cute middle school students, I like it a lot. Those of you with Lolita complex, check it out.

By the way, the light novels of the original piece is still continuing. So if you like the series so much, please learn Japanese and read the original work too!

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