Matsuda Yasuke

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Matsuda Yasuke is a Super High School Level Neurologist.

If you wonder like, eh, who?, please read here.

He is a main character from the novel, Danganronpa/Zero which was published in Japan. The story is, while taking back the memory of a girl called Otonashi Ryoko, he is involved with strange accidents with her.

Before the 1's accident, characters in the 1 appear and there are scenes which suggests the biggest secret of 1, and some important hints are scattered for the next.

In that episode, he cures Ryoko for forgetfulness!

His nasty use of words and good looking are what make him attractive! He curses Ryoko for her ugliness, but when she is missing he keeps looking for her all through the night and he stands up to the school teachers to protect her.

He is what's called "Tsundere(ツンデレ)", sweet and sour, he has a good looking and he's really a wonderful character! However, because of his brave acts he gets to the core of the incident...

1. If you already finished watching Anime, please try reading the novel to get to know him!

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