Accel World (アクセル・ワールド)

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In 2045, half of life is spent on virtual network by using mobile terminal called neuro linker. However, you cannot escape from rea world totally (I cannot say anything if you ask if escape from real world is needed lol).
Central character is Haruyuki. His look is typical geek. He is small, obese, introverted and bullied. He spends difficult time. But one day, he reached a turning point. The catalyst was a heroin Kuroyukihime, his senior at school. She made him Burst Linker. He fights a battle at the other world Accel World by controlling his duel avatar Silver Crow. More specifically, this anime Chunibyo at full throttle (´ω`*)
One of things became hot topic was that Haruyuki,who is personification of us, and Kuroyukihime, who is very beautiful and tsundere, played kissy face. I guess there are many people including me who thought “Why you?! Why not me?!!” (。・з・) Well, the reason to like someone is ok to be vague since they are junior high school students having their first crush|ω・)
When I watch this anime, it brings back memories of fresh days. It is kind of sad thinking I have had such moment. Meanwhile, Haruyuki gets worried since he doesn’t understand the extremely beautiful girl likes him. I’d like to feed him by saying “Come on, you are so insensitive”. What is more, she is the not only one who falls for Hiroyuki! The other heroin very beautiful girl, who is his friend from childhood, falls for him too. Why?! Why real world is such harsh?!! I wish if I could enter the world of anime!!!! (`Д´)

By the way, this novel appeared under the title of “Super accelerated world Burst Linker (超絶加速世界バーストリンカー’Chyo Kasoku sekai burst linker’) ”. But the title was unpopular and changed into current title. Anyway, chunibyo atmosphere is spilling out from both titles.
This anime is based on young-adult fiction. The author also writes “Sword Art Online”. If you have interested in Accel World, I recommend you to watch Sword Art Online tooヽ(・∀・)ノ

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