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Tales of Xillia2

Tales of Xillia 2 is the squeal to Xillia, which was launched in November 2012.

The previous story focused on Jude Mathis and Milla , but this time it centers around the adventures of a young man named Ludger and a girl named Elle . Of course, the characters from the previous episode appear, and Gaius and Musee, who used to be enemies, will join the party to seek new adventures.

The keyword for this story is "option."
The player is forced to choose not only the ending of this story, but make many choices, including how to deal with friends.
The player is charge of the protagonist's future and decisions that affect someone's life, so the development of the story depends on the player's choice.

Since this is a newly released game in Japan, we can't reveal too much, but it depicts the characters from Xillia one year later.

Many fans who played Xillia decide to buy its sequeal because they want to find out what happened to the characters.
For the same reasons, some fan buy Xilla and then play with the second installment in the series, so it is gaining popularity.

Protagonist Ludger doesn't talk much in the game, but in the dojin-shi, he is often depicted as an active, kind young man.
He gets along well with Elle, another main characters, so you can enjoy watching their dialogue with other members of the team!

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