Maizono Sayaka

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Maizono Sayaka is the Super High School Level Idol.

She is a very cute girl who is charge of the center position of a famous idol group. She is pure and kind, and serious and tough for having stable heart changing hardly.

She decleared to become a assistant of Naegi Makoto. because she has met him when she had been shut up in the school. Her inspiration hit at high rate and when he questioned that is why, she says "Because I have esp" like a joke(?).

Her charm is her mind's stability.

She has dreamed to become an idol from her childhood and has nature to make her all effort for it. She is drawn as an other heroine for Kyoko and we want to see moving image of her in the animation.

Particularly, we want to see surely the scenes she sings and dances for pop idol in animation because such scenes are few in the game! We can't help waiting a summer!

In fact, she was loved by Leon and she is often with Leon on the fanzine.

….Ah? Is there other reasons about this? Upupu!

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