Kousaka Honoka

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She is a girl full of vitality. Her bust is not so large, great!!!!!!!

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Her favorite food is strawberries and she makes a great effort to do something. She is so cute… She is the leader suggesting beginning idle activities to avoid doing away with the school. She is so kind, definitely.

In the stories, because of her making efforts, her speaking often makes us feel eagerness. She says that she often falls down and we can sometimes see inside of her skirt. It seems that she doesn’t put on a panty.

By the way, in the original story, she won the prize in a kendo tournament. It gives us an impression of eagerness. It is great that she is cute and enthusiastic, definitely. You will be enchanted by her attitudes!

A popular coterie magazine of it is with Nico-chan, Kotori-chan, and Umi-chan. Not reading it, you will suffer a loss! Let’s buy and see!

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