Ayase Eri (Ayase Eli)

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She is half Japanese and half Russian. She is a character with big boobs, whom you all like. Well, I don't like big boobs character, by the way.

Among a number of characters, she is classified as a common sense character and she is a straight man.
Because she is strong-willed, she is popular from girls and you can expect "female homosexuality" evolution. Isn't it great? Yuri yeah! (Yuri means female homosexuality)

She says "Harasho (means "wonderful" in Russian) " when she is impressed, and that's her feature. There are some people like that in Japan. People who speaks in dialect when they're excited! This really makes my heart twinge!

Well, she started ballet since early childhood, and showed her wizard talent. But unfortunately she failed because of her injury. Though, she turned this experience to advantage, and now she teaches dance to the members in the play.

Isn't she gallant? At first she was stiff, as she was the student council president, but she became tender after she joined μ`s. She is the life and soul of μ`s after all.

"Clever, cute Erichika!"

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