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Monokuma is a mascot character of Danganronpa.

Words and looks are lovely, but the character is “grim” and “cruel”But “truth” is included in his word. He is a complete “heel”But the story of Danganronpa is very interesting because Monokuma appears!

His Character Items are very cute, especially, I recommend Strap! In addition, Trading Strap and Graphig are cute if you just look!

In Doujinshi, Monokuma almost appears if the story is gag. Because he is a troublemaker, he make a trouble and teases Monomi.

His true identity is secret itself of the story. You will heal by his lovely looks and you will get a shock by his cruel words and actions. I think that there are many people cannot like Monokuma but it’s because Monokuma exists that Danganronpa is “Danganronpa”.

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