Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara)

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Date Masamune is a one-eyed military commander called 「独眼竜」"Dokuganryuu" (one-eyed dragon) .

He is a general gathering up one military in spite of being 19 years old and gathers up "the Date military" with his subordinate, Katakura Kojurou.

His battle style is unique and has six swords.
You think 'what?', don't you?
I thought, too.
But he fights. Besides he is very strong !
Anyway, his charm is in the point that he is "daring" like this.
There are so many subordinates loving him who carries through such a novel style, and the Date military is strong with its cohesiveness !

His rival is Sanada Yukimura.

He is interested in Yukimura who can fight against himself equally and admits him as a rival who enhances each other, and he hope strongly that he can have a showdown sometime !

In addition, we can see the relation of master and servant with Kojurou which supported him from the childhood period and that with daring Motochika who is one‐eyed as well ! Because they have common points in their characters, such as "the elder brother who can rely on", "a lover of his subordinates" and I am good, and "daring", they are often described together !

By the way, because he who is one-eyed and uses three swords and he who likes mayonnaise are being acted by the same voice actor, it is often made a topic of popular discussion in Japan !

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