Suguha Kirigaya

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Suguha is Kirito's sister and also in the game, she is Leafa, partner of Kirito.
Attraction of Suguha is that she is straight and pure, and she really loves her brother. A sister who loves her brother is like a dream in real world, so all the more you should enjoy it in Anime!!

Her struggle after Suguha finds out that Kirito is her brother in the game, and the story after overcoming it to capturing boss, you won't be able to watch her without tears. I want a sister like Suguha!!

Also Suguha as Leafa is very attractive.
Not only Suguha's original energetic and cheerful personality, the way she acts like older sister as a senior in the game to Kirito is different from her usual and this is Moe point.It's impressive to see her guard Kirito endangering her own life over and over.

She is a character who appeared in the second round, so there are not many merchandise and Doujinshi, but as she is a popular character many items will be available in the future.

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