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This is an animation featuring beautiful girl’s erotic and energetic appearance and their power to face troubles in their school life at kokuritsu otonogizaka gakuen.

Despite as known as a traditional girls high school, the school has announced to be closed due to the number of students decreasing year by year.
To overcome this problem of their own school, the erotic beautiful girls formed a group called “μ`s” with an objective―

“We will become a school idle and stop the school to close!! ”

The story comes out to be a well known idol rooting animation letting us watch it in a relaxing mood. The anime will start from the girls searching for new members to join the group.
The latter part of the anime will have episodes of girls having fun with their swim suits and also serious episodes of their members which makes the whole group aim for their goal to be an idol.

The highlight of the anime, I think, is not only the cute characters, but also the cv(voice actor)’s skill of singing and their acting improving through the anime.
In fact, the actress playing this “Love Live!” does not have a job as a voice actress. So their acting might sound a bit strange at first, but their skills improving episodes by episodes made me impressed.

I’ll be introducing three of the main characters, but for your information, there are many more beautiful girls in the anime, so please, watch!!

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